Vida+ Membership 

DarSalud's Vida+ membership program

Through our membership, we offer to all our members of the Mid-South community unrestricted access to all

top-notch medical services at our clinics.


Vida+ offers anywhere from 50% to 90% discounts on our services, depending on the plan chosen,

including physicians visits and lab exams, among others.

Vida+ fits the needs of:


  • Uninsured workers

  • New immigrants without health insurance

  • Seasonal, part-time employees, direct sales merchants (restaurants, small business, day-care, handlers)

  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers

  • Students who are no longer on their parent’s insurance

  • Less-privileged with no means of paying for health insurance

  • Housewives exempted from her husband insurance or whose couple is without health insurance.


We can't explain enough what benefits await you if you join our Vida+.


With our Vida+: “VIDA+” and “VIDA+ PREMIER” plans, you're guaranteed to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, premium treatment, and full medical support, all these will help you manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, etc.


Becoming a Vida+ member is easy and affordable as it only costs a small initiation payment and a monthly fee. However, membership payments vary with the age of the applicant, the plan chosen, and the number of family members you would like to have under the plan.


The process of paying the membership fee is pretty easy, you don't need Social Security number and you can choose to be charged for the monthly payments using via credit card, electronic check, cash or money order.


If you would like to learn more about our various membership plans fees and registration processes, kindly call us now: (901) 336-0715 or email us at


Note: VIDA+ doesn’t suffice for or translates as a health insurance.







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