About Us

  Why DarSalud?

At DarSalud, our mission is to improve the standard of care for patients by providing integrated, outcome oriented, and culturally-competent treatment interventions. In doing so, we aim to positively impact clinical outcomes, resource utilization, service provision costs, clinical training standards, and applications of research.

We have developed a unique and cost-efficient health model that utilizes preventive medicine to improve patient wellness and long-term health through an interdisciplinary approach to the prevention and management of diabetes, obesity and other cardio-metabolic conditions.

We strive to establish a healthcare network in Memphis and the surrounding Mid-South that employs quality-driven reference models, breaks preventive care and disease management paradigms and establishes itself as the practice, partner and employer of choice in the community.

Meet Our Providers

Dr. Pedro A. Velasquez-Mieyer 

Dr. Velásquez-Mieyer, MD is founder and Medical Director of DarSalud Care and President of LifeDOC Research. Over the last 30 years, he has built an extensive career in translational research, particularly in the area of cardio-metabolism focused on treating obesity, diabetes mellitus and related complications.

Dr. Claudia P. Neira

Dr. Neira is Director of Clinical Practice at DarSalud Care and Clinical Research Director at LifeDOC Research, with certifications from the ABCC, ANCC and AADE. For over 15 years, Dr. Neira has dedicated herself to early identification and prevention of diabetes mellitus, and dysmetabolic syndrome through chronic risk-stratification.

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